AC Grain LLC

Elevator Hours and Information


Hours (Eastern Time):

9/20 - Friday - 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

9/21 - Saturday - 8:00 AM - tbd

9/22 - Sunday - Noon - tbd

For disposition of grain, please call the Cargill 800 Line.  Anyone that answers can help you, but you can also ask for specific person if needed.  The number is 800-358-7877

For questions about hours and operations, please call the AC Grain office @ 765-665-0135

Half Price Drying on Corn Friday 9/13 - Friday 9/20

Moisture will only be accepted up to 30%

Subject to change

We are Hiring for Harvest!

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AC Grain LLC

P.O. Box 120 Dana, IN 47847

225 E Briarwood Ave Dana, IN 47847 110 North Willow Street Dana, IN 47847 (765) 665-0135

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